Getzner Brocade

This premium 100% cotton product – all versions of it, which all come in a width of 160cm – is utterly comfortable to wear thanks to its exquisite, sophisticated feel. Our innovative manufacturing technology gives our brocade fabrics a unique, silky finish and feel that is typical for our product – and, most importantly, this finish does not fade after washing.

A wide range of designs and more than 160 colours provide discerning customers with an almost unlimited choice. We do not only produce plain-coloured brocades in bright shades (“Super Magnum Gold”),but also patterned fabrics using dyed yarns (“WIFI”). Another product innovation is a finish that makes it possible to manufacture an iridescent tonic fabric (“Annour”) completes our product portfolio.

Genuine Getzner brocade fabrics always feature a woven selvedge and the golden Getzner stamp, and typically emanate a subtle scent of roses.

Getzner Atiku and Jacquard, Chambray

These top-quality, more “lightweight” 100% cotton creations are woven from extremely fine threads. Jacquard-like stripes, micro or macro and subtle ajoure patterns, a subtle scent of roses and a spectrum of soft colours offer a well-balanced range for elegant menswear.



Embroidered elements

Our HeDee premium segment consists of fabrics such as brocade, cotton voile, tulle, velvet or fantasy fabrics decorated with exclusive embroidered elements. These textiles, also known as “Swiss voile”, impress with shiny yarns, opulent patterns in unusual colour combinations and glittering Swarovski crystals.

We also offer polished cotton with embroidered elements for men, and with ajoure details in classic menswear colours.
We also offer more affordable fabrics with TonTon embroidered elements with charming ajoure patterns in strong colours for everyday wear.



Our premium print is called “Madame Getzner” and comes in a width of 160cm- We create exclusive patterns in well-balanced colour combinations on exquisite brocade fabric.

We also sell prints on soft jacquards fabrics that come in a width of 140cm and wax prints, which come in a width of 120cm, from the well-known brands Vlisco and Julius Holland for colourful clothes.




Veils, head ties and laffayas are the ideal companions to go with our fabrics. Subtly plain-coloured or with colourful patterns, embroidered, with gold lurex details and/or Swarovski crystals, they add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and also make wonderful gifts.






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