New Year’s Reception for Getzner Apprentices

Apprentices as award-winning chefs, head waiters, & room designers

The apprentices at Getzner Textil AG invited their parents and trainers as well as their supervisors to their special New Year’s Reception once again.

Electricians, textile technicians, and chemical lab technicians as award-winning chefs, head waiters, and room designers created a five-course menu at the highest level with the help of award-winning chef Wolfgang Ponier and Martin Dünser (“get up!”).

They did everything from the shopping list, calculations, the finished menu, and preparation of the dishes the African way.

This shows, in a very illustrative fashion, how complex projects and activities can be mastered. Often, the many different tasks and interfaces make it difficult for an individual to understand this. This approach leads to a more understandable implementation both on the job and in one’s private life.

Under the motto “Everything African”, DI Josef Lampert explains the economic changes that took place during the previous year as well as the economic growth for the coming year.

The head of the apprenticeship training program, Perrine Burtscher, also provided a review of the many different jobs apprentices may do.

Getzner Textil AG invests heavily in a highly professional apprenticeship program every year. The company has accepted the challenge of training professionals who will be needed in the future, and to thus ensure the foundation of the high product quality of Getzner Textil AG.

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